The Zen of Achieving Goals in Time | Expert Round Up

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You love setting goals.


Unfortunately, your goals don't always love you back.

No doubt you worked as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that you could achieve your goals in time.

But it didn't work.

You couldn't keep up & therefore was unable to complete your goals in time.

But it's not gonna happen this year.

With new resolutions, new aims, new goals and these tips, you'll surely gonna achieve your goals in time.

Achieving a goal is related to our happiness and well-being. It is a way to increase self-esteem. The process of striving for our goals can also help us develop into better people.

Why Set Goals?

We all have things that we want to achieve in our lives--building a successful business, getting into better shape. For most of us, the path to achieving those things starts with setting a specific and actionable goal.

Athletes, successful business-people and achievers in all fields all set goals. Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation.

People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.

You Got Big Goals?

Big goals take lots of focused effort over a long period of time.

Frightening, is it?

Watch this great video by CartooningGenius:

Setting up Goals


To accomplish your goals, however, you need to know how to set them. You can't simply say, "I want" and expect it to happen.

A useful way of making goals more powerful is to use the SMART mnemonic.

SMART usually stands for:

  • S – Specific (or Significant).

    Reachable goals are SPECIFIC. Top achievers know that to reach their goals, the brain must know exactly, precisely, what they are trying to accomplish.

  • M – Measurable (or Meaningful).

    Someone has wisely said that, What gets measured, gets done. Define your goals in terms of height, weight, dollars, inches, or hours. Then measure your progress until you achieve your desired outcome.

  • A – Attainable (or Action-Oriented).

    Make sure that it's possible to achieve the goals you set. If you set a goal that you have no hope of achieving, you will only demoralize yourself and erode your confidence. Design your goals to strategically impact as many areas of your life as possible. You’ll have more reasons to reach your goal and more excitement when you do!

  • R – Relevant (or Rewarding).

    Goals should be relevant to the direction you want your life and career to take. One of the biggest reasons people fail to achieve their goals is that they have conflict between their behavior and their values.

  • T – Time-bound (or Trackable).

    You goals must have a deadline. Specify when the results can be achieved and you can celebrate success.

For example, instead of having:

  • "to lose weight."
  • "to save money."
  • "to sail around the world."

as a goal,

it's more powerful to use the SMART goals:

  • "to lose 8 pounds and reach a weight of 175."
  • "to save $200 this month."
  • "to have completed my trip around the world by December 31, 2015."
Watch this video about SMART mnemonic by DecisionSkills:

Write Your Goals


High achievers always know precisely what they want, because they’ve written it down. Once you've set a general goal, you need to start getting more specific and making a plan to reach.

Make an Action Plan


Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.

  1. Rank your goals

    Many of people have several goals. In that case, it's a good idea to try to rank them in order of importance.

  2. Create subgoals

    Most goals are more achievable if broken down into smaller tasks. These smaller tasks are subgoals

  3. Identify obstacles.

    Think about what obstacles could stand in the way of achieving your goals. Thinking about this in advance gives you a chance to come up with some ideas about how you will overcome those obstacles.

Tips shared by Anoop in his post:

  • Don’t wait for the ideal circumstances
  • Don’t let fear of failure and Self Doubt stop you from taking action
  • Accept short-term pain for long-term gain
  • Be in the company of people with positive mind-set
  • Don’t limit your efforts due to fear of “What others will think if I fail?”

Staying on Course

Once you've decided on your first set of goals, keep the process going by reviewing and updating your To-Do List on a daily basis.

  • Dedicate your time
  • Make it a routine
  • Track your progress
  • Stay motivated

The Round Up

Few days back I emailed  some great influencers, self-improvement trainers, writers and bloggers; asking them 3 simple questions.  They may be working on different niches but they all have a very great heart. The questions were:

  1. How to do manage/plan to achieve goals in time?
  2. What is your 2016's New Year Resolution?
  3. How are you planning to achieve them ?

These people, whom I invited for the round-up are really successful persons, some of them are well-known where as some don't have floods of audience but they all are doing great for the society.  Do visit everyone's blog and see what they are working on, from their social and blog links mentioned in the responses below.

These people have great things to share with you, from which you can learn a lot. Reading their responses based on my questions you'll get the real practical knowledge about how to be more efficient in managing and achieving your goals.

I express my heartfelt thanks to all the dear ones who wholeheartedly send their responses to make this post a success!

Help me spread this post, by sharing/re-blogging it on your pages. I'll be waiting for your Pinback and Trackback.

The Experts



So here are the great people we have today in our roundup:

  • Alden Tan
  • Brent Jones
  • Chery Schmidt
  • Debbie Dey
  • Evan Derek
  • Harleena Singh
  • Jaco Alberts
  • Justin Philip
  • Mi Muba
  • Anoop Gupta
  • Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
  • Monna Ellithorpe
  • Neil Patel
  • Philip Verghese 'Ariel
  • Ramsai Gohan Prime
  • Saurabh Tiwari
  • Sharad Gupta
  • Siddaiah Thirupati
  • Stephen Guise
  • Steve Mueller
  • Vashishtha Kapoor

The responses are placed below in the alphabetic order.

Alden Tan

I write to help and inspire yes, but not in an annoying cheesy way. I don’t think I can solve all your damn problems overnight with a simple how-to article or yet another Top 10 B.S. list.

Reach him: Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
30 Days To Lifestyle Mastery | 100 Days Of No-bullshit Happiness
Ready Your Life | Eliminate World Anger

How to do manage/plan to achieve goals in time?

You just have a deadline and make you do the work.

Although, to break it down, always approach it in the form of daily goals.

The work is the goal, that means to say your only goal is to wake up and do your daily tasks and that’s it. Let it build up slowly.

What is your 2016's New Year Resolution?

My resolution is to write more and work harder.

How are you planning to achieve them?

As said man, work on it daily.

I got a big vision, but it all breaks down back to the daily tasks and work.

Anoop Gupta

My name is Anoop Gupta. I am Chartered Account from the Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of India. I have a passion for reading books on subjects such as Personal Financial Management, Self Development, Spirituality, Leadership and Motivation.

How to do manage/plan to achieve goals in time?

The first step is having awareness about what we want to achieve in Life.These are our long term goals. Accordingly we need to plan our short term goals with the objective of achieving long term goals. Bigger goals should be broken into smaller achievable goals.

Our problem is we start enthusiastically but soon loose focus. So do sufficient planning, stay focused on short term, small, achievable goals and take Action. Resulting success will keep you motivated and inspire you to aim for bigger goals.

What is your 2016's New Year Resolution?

In 2016, i want to pursue my dream of becoming a Motivational Speaker. I always try helping people come out of their problems in life by motivating and guiding them. I believe by becoming a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach, i will be able to do it on a bigger scale.

How are you planning to achieve them?

I have been planning for the same for quiet some time and working on required skill sets for the same. Now it is the time for Action. Because planning without execution takes you nowhere. You always have the option to innovate and take corrective measures based on results. But Action is a must.

Brent Jones

Freelancer, Blogger & Internet Marketer
Brent Jones is a freelancer, blogger and internet marketer. He lives in Fort Erie, Canada with his beautiful wife and two dogs.

Reach him: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn | YouTube 

How to do manage/plan to achieve goals in time?

I break down goals into incremental steps -- anything that can be measured numerically, really. Spreadsheets are my best friends. From there, I further plan the specific daily action steps I need to perform in order to reach that number. This applies for goals related to health, fitness, finances, books, travel, and more.

What is your 2016's New Year Resolution?

I don't have any resolutions specific to the New Year. The end goal for business in 2016 is to increase monthly revenue 250%. I'm currently 30% of my way to achieving a weight loss goal which I intend to hit by March 31, 2016. I have finished 1 of the 10 books I intend to read this year. You get the idea.

How are you planning to achieve them ?

A portion of my revenue goal is going to come from programs and products that I develop to assist new and upcoming freelancers. The majority of it, however, will come from growing my existing client base.

Chery Schmidt

★ Partnering with positive like-minded entrepreneurs who have a burning desire to succeed.
★ Her Motto To Live- Love What You Do And Do What You Love!

╚►Retirement Planning With Chery Schmidt
╚►Be sure to stop by and connect with her on Facebook

Her Response

I actually do not set resolutions but of course I did write down some goals!
My Biggest one is to stay focused!
Focused on Helping my team..
And also adding to my listings on Ebay and Amazon and keeping my eye on everything
It is so easy to just let things slide, but this is when problems arise, such as being out of stock, or price increases.
My goal for this year to profit $100 each day from my sales.

Debbie Dey

I am a freelance writer and administrator for a major construction company. I've split my time living in the U.S. and Canada while learning all the ins and outs of the family summer resort business. I love to share my experiences and also hope to give your vision a voice.

Reach her blog: Debbie Dey Writes | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

How to do manage/plan to achieve goals in time?

As I have a full-time day job and do most of my freelance writing and blogging at night, time management is critical. I've found there is no magic wand to adding more hours to a day but focusing my efforts on organizing, prioritizing, delegating, saying no and taking breaks all help me consistently achieve deadlines. I've detailed each of these steps in my blog post: 5 Steps: Time-Management Tips for Night Owls

What is your 2016 New Year Resolution?

Like everyone, I'd like to improve on several areas of my life (both personally and professionally.) My main priority is to expand my writing business with a broader client base and niche categories.

How are you planning to achieve them?

To obtain a larger audience, it's critical that I enhance my visibility. I believe networking through guest posts can be the key to reaching more people. I've already achieved great results by joining freelance and writing groups, social media and blogging regularly through WordPress. Each of these resources can provide a wealth of knowledge and a community of friends that enjoy sharing their experiences as much as I do.

Her latest post: Quote of the “Dey” – 1/6 

Evan Derek

I'm Evan, And I'm no Blog guru. I like diving into Google algorithms, and blog about SEO, SERP metrics and Digital Marketing. I believe you don't need thousands of hits a day to make 4 figures off your blog, and that's where I'm good at, Conversion Optimization.

Reach his blog: Vebblabbs

How to do manage/plan to achieve goals in time?

A very interesting question as I myself was planning to write a post on the same. I break my goals in small segments , and then achieve them one by one, so the overall goal is achieved. Also I've a really awesome team to help me out so the things are finished on time.

What is your 2016 New Year Resolution?

Planning to take the blog to at least 7-8K hits a day, and on a financial ground to hit a bigger mark /day. Also I'll try to read at least 20 books in the year, and help more people out smile emoticon.

How are you planning to achieve them?

I belonged to a middle class Family, so money was always my greatest motivator, so for me what Works is an increase in the financial stream is directly proportional to an increase in productivity. Also this year will be investing more in outsourcing the work, the content, the graphics and other elements so that we can increase the productivity 10 folds.

Harleena Singh

Harleena Singh is a passionate blogger bestowed with the title of "Commenting Queen" by her fellow bloggers. She is the founder of Aha!NOW life blog, which is one of the most popular self-development blogs. She offers blogging advice and consultancy.

Connect with her on Twitter | Facebook | Google+.

How to do manage/plan to achieve goals in time?
The first step is to make practical and realistic goals. If the goal is big, break it into parts. Apply the S.M.A.R.T. criteria to create the goals. Next, you need to develop a plan by understanding yourself, your job, and the outcomes.
Once you've the plan ready, you need to take action. Getting started is half done as they say. Develop a routine that favors your strategy and includes all the elements required to make your plan work.
Once started, you need to stay focused and keep going. Sustain and support your plan with the right habits, attitude, lifestyle, schedule, and most importantly, have the passion and the will to achieve the goals.
Above all, have self-belief and faith. Manage your time well and set your priorities right. Keep yourself positive, live your goals by dreaming and thinking of them, expect positive outcomes, treat failure as stepping-stones, and be flexible to adopt new direction and ways to achieve your goals. 
What is your 2016's New Year Resolution?
My resolution for this year is to get things done and to "enhance my performance". I want to achieve a productivity boost and maintain it throughout the year, complete the pending projects, and make sure that by the end of the year I achieve more than what I achieved in the previous year.
How are you planning to achieve them?
By planning and executing well! Just as I've mentioned in the above answers. I plan to take baby steps to achieve big results. :)

Jaco Alberts

Jaco Alberts is a blogger and freelance writer. Jaco loves writing about the challenges of our modern day lifestyle and how to stay in control in practical ways.


You can read his articles at He also launched “Your Mind Renewed” during October 2015, where he is focusing on the impact our thinking has on our lives and how to take control of your life by changing how you think.

Besides the weekly articles, Jaco adds inspiring quotes as ‘Daily Food for Thought’ on a daily basis to “Your Mind Renewed” to help you start each day with a positive mindset.

You can also see more of his work at Empowerment Moments Blog where he is a contributing author since November 2015.

Reach him on:  Facebook | Twitter

How To Manage/Plan To Achieve Goals in Time?

The first question I normally ask myself when setting any goal is; “why do I want to achieve this goal?” Only when I have a good reason for achieving the goal, knowing that it will have a positive impact on my life and help me to contribute to people’s lives around me, I know that I would be able to maintain enough motivation to keep working and achieve the goal.

Secondly, I believe you need to calculate the cost involved. Do I need to invest financially in order to achieve this goal and would it be worth it? But it is not only financially, you also need to consider other areas such as your time, how will it influence your family life etc. How many hours per day/week do I need to spend working on this goal? Is it possible and would it be worth it?

Thirdly, it is important to set deadlines, as these are great motivators to take action. It is not enough to just write down a goal, and then think it will happen by itself. You need to take action. A goal must be specific and measurable to monitor progress and to know when it has been achieved. In the beginning though, it might be difficult to set accurate deadlines, as there are many unknown factors involved. But as you gain momentum, you can adapt your deadlines to remain realistic with your goals.

What is your 2016's New Year Resolution?

My main aim for 2016 is to resist any negative stress. Yes, I declare war on negative stress. Positive stress is good. That is when you get excited about something. You are alert and functioning at peak levels. But when it starts causing anxiety, fatigue and has a negative influence on your health, it becomes a problem.

The challenge I have set for myself, is to conquer over negative stress for at least 300 out of the 366 days of the year 2016. I am not saying I won’t be faced with it, but my challenge is not to give in to anger, anxiety or anything related to negative stress, but to overcome it and practice self-control.

This will also be the theme on my blog for this year, and anyone who wants to do the same, is welcome to join me in this challenge.

How are you planning to achieve them?

I will develop routines to save mental energy, enabling me to use that energy to be more productive. I will have a daily checklist in the beginning stages to help me stay focused on certain actions, know what to avoid and develop new thinking habits.

I will create small action steps which I can be focused on – one step at a time.

We need to know the difference between what is essential and what is important. Then focus first on what is essential. As Greg McKeown says; “learn to determine 6 most important things to do for the day, and then scrap 5. The one that is left is your priority for the day.” This means that I need to clear my desk and have only one thing on my desk which is my priority at that given time.

I need to learn to say “no” more often (without being offensive). We cannot always do everything everybody is asking of us without jeopardizing the quality of our work and adding stress to our lives.

I need to slow down. That will allow me to be more focused and help me to avoid making mistakes.

I need to be more focused on my journey (literally and figuratively), and not allow anything in my environment to upset me. Ask questions such as “what is the worst that can happen?” or “how can I do it differently?”

I need to resist becoming negative if I don’t understand something right from the start.

I will go as fast as I can, but without being rushed. I will aim to do all I can do in a perfect manner every day, but without haste, worry or fear.

I will focus on my “why” for achieving my goal to remain motivated and prevent myself from becoming overly concerned with other people’s opinions.

Put yesterday behind me, because I cannot make it undone, but I can learn from it. Don’t stress about tomorrow because I have no control over it. Focus on today as my actions of today will have an influence on tomorrow. 

Justin Philip

I am Justin Philip from Mumbai, India and its more than a year being in Blogging and Internet Marketing. I'm working on my new blog (portal) known as Money making Ebooks which reviews about different ebooks to make money Online.

His Response

Hi naman, its a great year with new opportunities and for some creative works. My new year resolution is to connect with new creative enterprenuers and bloggers  in 2016 like we are connected from 2015.

For me, there has been many hard times in SEO ranking and getting traffic for blogs. So as I pass through this new year, its my aim to learn the real SEO, how it works

with few experiments. So working now everyday till late night to get my aim fulfilled, because I believe unless you give a shot, there is nothing impossible.

Mi Muba

Mi Muba has been blogging for the last five years. He manages his blogs Be A Money Blogger, Pollution Pollution and Sarmayakar.

He earlier contributed more than 1,000 posts in two UK-based popular blogs as ghost writer. You can meet him on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to learn money blogging.

How to do manage/plan to achieve goals in time?

The best ever way to achieve goals in time is to regularly compare what you have achieved and what you are supposed to achieve in a given time. If you have achieved equal to or more than your targets it is fine otherwise you must point out where you are lacking.

Usually we face two kinds of hurdles while not achieving our goals on time. One is internal hurdles that may be our procrastination, lack of consistency or lack of punctuality to accomplish a task. The external hurdles are more or less out of our control but by following a proper strategy we can control them as well.

Not finding a product most fit for our target audience could be a hurdle but by broadening our research base we can ultimately explore a project that fully serves the given needs of our blog visitors.

So by properly comparing on regularly basis where we are and where we should be is the best way to achieve your goals without wasting time.

What is your 2016's New Year Resolution?

My first resolution is to learn any new thing related to blogging in 2016 this could be any web language or any other skill that I don’t know and that must support me to improve my blogging skills and make me more professional blogger.

My second resolution is to move towards consolidation in my blogging journey that means instead of further expanding my business I would try to merge all my similar projects and also would market my skills in a targeted market instead of promoting my business wherever I find an opportunity.

My third resolution is to give more attention for building my blog community instead of just trying to boost my blog traffic up and up without creating a sense of intimacy with my loyal visitors.

How are you planning to achieve them?

In second half of this year I would try to learn a blogging or blogging related skill to be a more skilled blogger. To consolidate my blogging business I will try to accept orders that directly relate to blogging or its any secondary field and will try to avoid diving in contacts related to even management and public relations. To expand my blog community I would put more efforts to do influencer marketing and networking to further my blogging success.


Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

Mohammad is a young Entrepreneur running a number of sites from his living room. He is an experienced SEO Consultant, Computer Engineer, Professional Blogger & an addicted Web Developer. He runs STC Network which offers Web Services and Online Business Solutions to clients around the globe.

Reach him on Facebook | Twitter | Google+.

How to do manage/plan to achieve goals in time?
Some simplest principles that have always helped me live up to my commitments are:

  1. Spending less time on Facebook and twitter. Social media kills productive energy badly!

2. Avoid Watching Movie Seasons or Drama Serials. They keep you intoxicated.

3. Spending leisure time with friends and family only in times of stress and going gym regularly.

4. Always drinking a cup of tea before starting any project! =)

What is your 2016's New Year Resolution?

"Spending more time with my newly born baby "Ifza" and of course blogosphere."

How are you planning to achieve them?

Sharing more love and knowledge with people I know and I will get to know.

Monna Ellithorpe

Blue Jean Writer

I Am a published author and writer of mostly self help books and reports and guides with my first novel in the works.

Reach her: Email | Amazon Author Page | Double Wedding Ring Quilts

How to do manage/plan to achieve goals in time?

I try to plan the work I will do the next day, the night before in my Day Planner and use a kitchen timer or the Google timer to set myself time blocks to do certain tasks.  Like commenting on blogs, I will set my timer for 30 minutes or 1 hour and when the time is over, I move to another task and use     the timer in the same way.

What is your 2016's New Year Resolution?

I don't actually make any New Year Resolutions. I have voiced to my accountability group that I do plan on working harder this year in terms of concentration and not letting distractions hold me back from my plans. Concerning my business online, this year I did use "Mind Maps" to guide my tasks that I want to complete in each quarter of 2016, along with my financial goals for each quarter.

 How are you planning to achieve them?

The Power Affiliate Club (PAC)  has many activities and learning opportunities that are available to those who want to learn. This Friday, January 8, 2016, we begin the first PAC 5% Mastermind Group of the New Year.  This is a group that Lesly Federici refers to as a "FocusGroup on Steroids."  It's a small group of no more than 9 or 10 people who commit to achieving certain goals within an 8 week session.

The PAC 5% Mastermind can help you achieve personal success through 8 weeks of serious focus on getting things done (and believe me, you’ll be amazed of the transformations that can happen) by being:

  • Accountable
  • Committed
  • Serious about your success and what you want to achieve
  • Self-reliant
  • Coachable
  • Teachable
  • Comfortable with being uncomfortable
  •  Taking Action
Her latest post: Mind Map Your Business for 2016 

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a Seattle, Washington-based entrepreneur, angel investor, and analytics expert. He is best known for his work in digital marketing, and as the cofounder of the analytics companies KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, and Quick Sprout.

His Response

I am just very disciplined, which helps me to achieve my goals in time. My new year's resolutions is to help more people :) I think with hard work I can definitely reach my goal.

Philip Verghese 'Ariel

A freelance writer, blogger and an editor, who writes in English and in Malayalam, from Kerala. Based at Secunderabad, Telangana, India.

Blog: (English) Philipscom
Blog: (Malayalam) Ariel's Jottings
Blog: Confident Living Magazine
My Pages @ Google+ @ Twitter @Facebook @Tsu
Cell: +91 9700882768; +91 9700882845

His Response

My answer to this question may sometimes create some kind of ripples among the group I mean a confusion for some! And some may raise their eyebrows! The reason is many may not agree with my opinion.
Of course to your first question is a good one!

Yes, to achieve my goal I do work hard! The sad part is that sometimes the result may not be that satisfactory, but still I go on with that aim and in most cases I could see a positive result!

Coming to the part of Resolutions: Yes. A few years back, I used to take some kind of resolutions with lot of enthusiasm! But sad to say on the way, say, even after one or two weeks I stumble upon and it totally ends there! This repeated for some years! Since then, I thought, there is no meaning in making such resolutions to break​!​ So I stopped this vain activity in my life. Of course! That does not mean that I do not have an aim or purpose in my life. There are a lot in the list!

Generally, these types of resolutions appear on the eve of a New Year with much celebration! To tell you the truth, "I do not celebrate New Year as others do! I keep away from the celebrations! For that matter, I do not even celebrate Christmas or even my own Birthday!" This is what I said in the beginning : It may create some ripples among your readers!

This may be a bit surprise to you as well as many here! LOL

Ramsai Gohan Prime

Hi this is Ramsai Kumar.P, a 21-year-old tech geek and loves to write on different tropics and currently pursuing engineering in electronics group. 

Catch his writings at My All Tech Stuff

What you do to achieve your goals in time?

Firstly,i would like thank my parents for making me in a position that i can feel proud of and yeah every person has to set goals and according to that you should work.

Success won't come without hardworking, so work smart success is yours. Let me explain with a story, how I accomplished my one of the goals within a time limit. My goal was to make my friends as tech geeks and you believe or not they first laughed at me while I was saying to compete with world but I didn't leave. I worked a lot to make them as tech geeks, gave some living examples of personal who achieved peaks and  inspired them and did lot of work to educate them and finally at last I achieved my one of goal. It is really an awesome feeling for me and now I'm educating my friends more with ease, because I have blueprint, how to educate them. So my suggestion is always have a proper planning and failures may occur but follow john cena's quote "NEVER GIVE UP".

What is your new year's resolution and how are you planning to achieve it ?

Yeah my new year's resolution is to make Dollars $ through my blog and services and so first I made a blueprint of what should  achieve for every month and working now according to it and hope that I will do better and achieve my goals

Saurabh Tiwari

SEO Analyst as well as Founder of All Digital Trends. I love blogging.

His Response

In 2016, going to launch another tech blog, where I will share tech tips, resources and new products. Coming to the point my Resolutions of 2016 is increasing my monthly revenue; I want to start few more niche websites, rank them well in search engines and make that blog a popular brand. And, getting the Alexa rank for under 1, 00,000 in 2016. For that, I am going to work harder as well as smarter than ever as the competition has got bigger day by day. I have to evolve with that. These are the thing which I am going to do in the New Year. 

Happy New Year to Readers of Naman's board!

Sharad Gupta

Reach his blog: Creative Blog Thinking

How to do manage/plan to achieve goals in time?

I always do work according to my planning. I spend enough time on collecting facts before starting on a new venture. Proper planning and preparation is the key of success in any work including blogging.

What is your 2016's New Year Resolution?

This year 2016 is the most crucial year of my carrier and life. I have many goals to achieve this year.
I want to improve Alexa of my blog under 50K this year and DA at least 30. More engagement and more traffic are also in my target.

How are you planning to achieve them?

Last year my focus was on collecting interviews and I am happy to say, I have successfully conducted 80 plus interviews of new and problogger. This year my readers will see some special posts on my blog like honest reviews, blogging tools recommendation and life hacks articles. My blog will take its final shape this year and that will continue to upcoming years. I hope this year I will earn more money than previous year!!

Siddaiah Thirupati

I am Siddaiah from India , presently doing medical supplies business in Hyderabad. I started my blog ReachOutSid in blogger first, then moved to WordPress because of the benefits WordPress provides for the bloggers in all aspects, now I am a small person in the world blogging, learning things one by one to get a respectable name in the blogging world.

Reach him on: Facebook | Google+ | Twitter

How to do manage/plan to achieve goals in time?

I found one important element for successful blogging career is a good planning and executable strategy, when it comes to my planning, I create an editorial calendar for content creation for entire month and strictly follow that calendar at any cost.

I do keyword research for the seed keywords before writing the article which takes little bit time, I work as per the plan and strategy in every aspect of my blog whether it's promoting content, or building the backlinks.

I think and believe in planning, we should know what we are going to do with our blog for next three months then only we can evaluate our progress.

What is your 2016's New Year Resolution?

Frankly speaking I have not taken any new year resolution till now, I think I have to take one immediately because so many people asking me about it.

This years resolution is guest posting on other blogs to improve my brand awareness.

How are you planning to achieve them ?

I will select one blog every month and start communicating with the blog owner to gain relationship, later I will pitch for guest blogging opportunity on his blog.

Stephen Guise

Hi, I’m Stephen, the author of Mini Habits and the founder of Deep Existence. For more about my story, you might find this post interesting—it goes into the unique path ofrejection (ouch!) that brought me here (where I’m happy to be).

How to do manage/plan to achieve goals in time?

I break goals down into their smallest components, and focus on one step at a time. If I am to write a 50,000 word book, I aim for 50 words (about a paragraph) at a time.

What is your 2016's New Year Resolution?

I don’t set Resolutions because goals shouldn’t be based on the time of year. It gives the wrong impression that a bigger desire to change will result in a better ability to change. I believe in taking small, consistent steps toward a goal. One thing I’m working towards is the completion of my third book.

How are you planning to achieve them ?

I will write 50+ words a day toward the book. I call this a “mini habit,” which is the topic of my first book and also the way in which I wrote both of my books. It works better than one might think!

Steve Mueller

Steve Mueller is a blogger who strives to inspire others to stand in their own sovereignty. Subscribe at his website Planet of Success to get the best strategies and tricks to make the most of your life. You can also meet him on Facebook.

How to do manage/plan to achieve goals in time?

Time management is key for success. But it's also important to properly plan ahead if you want to meet the deadlines. This means that you will have to take into account that there might be time-consuming obstacles and challenges. Most people neglect to plan the necessary extra time for these problems. As a result, meeting the deadline can be quite difficult.

What is your 2016's New Year Resolution?

I'm not really fond of New Year's resolutions. If you want to change something in your life, change it now and here. Not once a year.

How are you planning to achieve them ?

I try to accomplish my resolutions by keeping my motivation on a constantly high level. This means that I try to be highly motivated about affecting positive change. If I'm not motivated to change something, it's really difficult to see things through. But if it's my burning desire to absolutely make an impact for the betterment, I'm more likely to accomplish my resolutions.

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Vashishtha Kapoor

I am a digital marketer with both hands indulged in the same. Doing blogging over a period of 1 year now and have written about blogging, wordpress, growth hacking and affiliate marketing in this short career. I run a small web design shop (digital) with a few employees. Apart from this digital life, I am a student and very close to complete my graduation.

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His Response

My new year resolutions is to make it large this year, to get my own office and be a source of employment for a few. And planning for it has started with small goals. I will do my best and try to refresh myself and do a few podcasts, videos and interviews.
moreover, i plan to target almost all the events this year with a huge list of blogs.

Thanks to all who participated in this round-up post.
Keep sharing your experiences!

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